A downloadable game

A simple recreation of the classic "Minecraft" video game made in the Unity3D game engine.


- 28 nature and building blocks available to use

- Classic sound effects, music, and graphics from the original game

- All data from your world will be saved, even when you close the application.

- 3 graphical modes available including an original "Insane" mode which enables shadows, occlusion, motion blur, and other awesome effects available in the Unity3D "Effects" standard assets package.


- W/A/S/D or Arrow Keys: Move

- Left Shift: Sprint

- Mouse: Look

- Scroll Wheel: Switch Block

- Space: Jump

- Right Mouse Button: Place Block

- Left Mouse Button: Destroy Block

- Middle Mouse Button: Get Highlighted Block

- E: View Inventory

- Escape: Pause/Resume

All code available in the unity project is public domain. Feel free to use/modify any code for your own projects


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Download [PC/Mac/Linux] 181 MB
Unity Project 273 MB


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A really well done recreation of the game we all know and love.

you named the zip file cave game. nice reference to the original name of minecraft

Nice game there is a bug if you press e to go into your inventory if you press e again it takes you out and then you have to press it again.

thats how normal minecraft works lol



Nice job on the game! I found a bug that happens if you press E to escape from the inventory, it leaves the inventory but you can't do anything until you press E again to go back into the inventory and press the exit button. its not like a game breaking bug but i thought that I should let you know.

good for what it is

Melee wasn't pliiiiiiay

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How do I install the game

edit:I found out

@Copper Aardvark Games   Could you please please PLEASE add an autosave feature? I keep doing like two hours worth of work, then the game crashes and I lose everything.

what if im using my laptop and dont have a mouse? how do I select my other blocks?

Use two fingers on the touchpad, on the LEFT SIDE, and you can scroll.

You know, if you are going to be playing a 1st person game that has mouse controlled movement and action that uses different mouse buttons, then you should really just buy a cheap mouse for your laptop. 

so there are shader

its like minecraft 1.0 but with shadows and shader


Are you sure you didnt take it from the 10th anniversary website? jk this is pretty good. are you working on this still? 

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Not really. Got some other projects currently under way that I'm focusing on. Definitely will be soon though!

Do you still work on the project? Because if you do, Can you add glass and some types of wool?

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how did u make caves???

(havent played yet just seen pictures)

I actually used the same noise algorithm for caves as i did for the surface terrain. Rather than 2d noise i used 3d noise. I just made a simple algorithm to increase the intensity of it based on how low the y position is. for the caves i just generated regular 3d noise across the map, and any place where the noise is greater than a certain value (I think i chose 0.8), it places an air block.

that is so cool i didnt know about 3d noise thats so cool my recreation is trash but you should check it out (i failed and did individual blocks instead of a actual terrain soo sorry)

Its awesome!

This is super impressive. Great job on making this work!

Thanks, I appreciate it!