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     One script to attach to your camera that will dynamically make your 2D sprites and pixel art crisp and clear. Feel free to move and rotate your sprites however you see fit within your game and this component will be sure to keep all pixels in place and properly oriented.

- Be sure that all sprites you will be using in your scene have the same imported pixels per unit size.
- Select the camera in the hierarchy of your scene 
- In the inspector, scroll all the way down and select "Add Component"
- Search "Pixel Perfect Camera" and select the script when it appears.
- Set the "Pixels Per Unit" value to the same size you set to all your sprites in step one.
- Run your game and enjoy!

Some aspect ratios / unusual screen resolutions may cause uneven pixel scaling. Additionally, this script assumes you are keeping all of your sprites in your game the same pixels per unit size. Non-power-of-two sprite scaling will most likely cause similar and potentially unwanted results.

This work is licensed under Attribution. Feel free to adapt this code in any way you see fit commercially or non commercially, however proper credit must be given.


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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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