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What it is

     This Algorithm generates a 512 by 512 grid and outputs a intricate, procedurally generated dungeon. This tool is great for game developers looking to make a fun adventure-dungeon game similar to games like Rogue, Enter the Gungeon, and The Binding of Isaac. with 11 different shapes and sizes of rooms you'll get something new every time. This is great for creating captivating adventure games with a replayable aspect to them, as the twists and turns of the dungeon will be always be unpredictable.

     The zip contains a Unity project with the algorithm (DungeonController.cs) as well as an example script (DungeonGenerator.cs) for how to access the script and read through the map to spawn a unique world of your own. You are free to modify the algorithm however you'd like, and if you are using it commercially, be sure to give proper credit.

How it works

     By default the algorithm creates a 512 by 512 map of strings. it then generates a room at middle of the map then four rooms branching off (So reguardless, there will be a start room in the middle, and four different directions to go in, similar to The Binding of Isaac). from there all four branches of rooms crawl out in random directions and overlap with one another. A wall block is saved as "wall" and a floor block as "floor". The script is quite easy to understand and shouldn't be a hassle for any intermediately skilled game developers willing to modify it. 


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